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Omega 3! you must have heard about this legendary fatty acid found in salmon fish. Amongst the supplements on offer today, omega 3 tops them all in terms of its healthy array of benefits. It comes in different variants but all with a commonality in supporting your body to fight chronic diseases like heart disease, joint pain, and even lower blood pressure among others.

However, let’s face one fact, how often do you eat fish? Uhmm… can’t remember…I know and can relate. Even near the supermarkets around us, finding a fresh fish is not easy. This healthy and nutritious delicacy has a wealth of benefits in our bodies which we cant afford to ignore. Moreover, don’t worry about finding one to buy. There are ways of getting its packaged benefits conveniently and cheaply than you think. I know you know how.

So let me let me break it down for you on what you’ll be buying and benefiting from.

Heart Support.

By now you know according to World Health Organization cardiovascular disease is the top global killer with  17.7 million people dying every year from heart-related illnesses. This number should worry you very much otherwise you risk becoming a statistic that equation. (i hope not) taking important matters like your health status for granted is a majority weakness. another excuse one would give is, I do not have time either the resources to give a damn about my health. May I remind you, my dear friend, you don’t have another life or a spare body. The one you have right now is the greatest treasure you will ever have. I don’t care about the other possessions you own, the one you see on your mirror is on top of other assets PERIOD. It needs your attention and care. NOW!

Why is Omega 3 Good for Your Heart?

Fish meat contains unsaturated fats unlike the saturated fats in beef meat. The unsaturation factor in fish meat lowers the risk of cholesterol accumulation. Please note the distinction between beef and fish meat is fat saturation. Moreover, the primary benefit of fish meat is the omega 3 fatty acids in fatty fish. Inflammation in your body damages your blood vessels which are responsible for transporting blood throughout your system for optimal health.

Omega three fatty acids reduce this inflammation which causes stroke and heart attack.

Omega-3 fatty acids may decrease the number of triglycerides, lower blood pressure slightly, decrease blood clotting, reduce stroke and heart failure risk and decrease irregular heartbeats. Consuming at least one to two portions a week of fish, predominantly fish that’s sufficient in omega-3 fatty acids seems to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, or rather sudden cardiac death.

Unborn Babies Health and Development.

To pregnant mothers, eating 8 to 11 ounces of fish may improve your baby’s overall health. Having said that when buying fish you should consider the ones that are high in EPA and DHA and has small amounts of mercury. Fish which are rich in EPA and DHA are trout, sardine, herring and salmon. It is not clear whether taking nutritional supplements high in DHA and EPA during pregnancy or breastfeeding affects your baby’s development. However, recent studies have shown taking these supplements increases baby’s weight during birth and stay in the mother’s womb which is beneficial to the infant.

Omega 3 Can Prevent Cancer.

Cancer is a global menace. Some studies have indicated that people who nourish their bodies with food rich in omega 3 and supplements have lower risks of developing colorectal cancer and breast cancer. Though more research to back up this is needed. Clinical trials are ongoing to get precise results. But remember, preparing healthy meals rich in omega 3 accompanied by quality supplements will keep you healthy and away from developing cancer.

Alzheimer’s, Cognitive Function, and Dementia.

Forgetfulness is normal, but things can go from bad to worse if you develop Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is not a normal ageing condition however it’s most significant factor is increasing through age. It’s a progressive disease which becomes worse with time. Some studies have indicated that people who consume diets rich in omega 3 fatty acids decrease chances of developing Alzheimer’s.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
Rheumatoid arthritis causes chronic pain, stiffness, swelling, and loss of joint functions. Clinical trial tests have indicated that taking
omega-3 supplements may support RA when taken
together with the regular RA prescriptions and other treatments.
For example, persons with RA who take omega-3 supplements
may need fewer pain-relief treatment, but for now, it’s not clear if the
supplements decrease joint pain, morning stiffness or swelling.

Bottom Line!

The conclusion is Omega 3 doesn’t cure Chronic diseases, but if you were keen while reading this post, you must have noted the word “lowering risk” that’s the Key Word to note. We are all vulnerable to diseases regardless of anything you think of, be it ethnicity, geographical location, your financial muscle you name it nobody is secure. That said, the most important thing is to prevent rather than wait and deal with the dire consequences.

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