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Stretch marks! They are a common occurrence. However, they occur more to women than men.  Are they life threatening? NO! then why do they make a big fuss on our lives? If you are keen on the current trends, you’ll notice changes in the way both men and women prioritize how they look.

It’s a norm to find men in unisex salons getting facials, manicure, and pedicures. Sometimes back, this was deemed to be a girl thing, well not anymore ladies, we also want to look and feel good. Now with that in mind, stretchmarks impede our looks.

Your Skin Composition.

Your skin is the most significant body organ and is made up of three layers.

  • Epidermis this is the first defense against the external agents like dust and bathing with dirty water amongst others.
  • Dermis this makes up the second layer which is a combination of collagen and elastic fibers to give you that smooth and supple skin.
  • Hypodermis this is the last layer of the skin made of fat and tissues.



What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks also known as striae atrophicae form in the dermis layer of the skin. Remember this layer is responsible for your skin look and texture, hence the reason those marks appear. Don’t confuse stretch marks with scars. They might look like so, but the distinction with scars is they are made of fibrotic tissue which is not the case with stretch marks.

Your skin stretches naturally because of the dermis layer which produces the elastic fibers responsible for that stretch.  When your skin grows faster than the elastic fibers can handle, stretch marks are inescapable. In fact, the marks are dermis “tears.” Rapid growth wanes the skins natural elasticity and can break the connective fibers holding it together.

What Causes Stretch Marks.

  • As mentioned earlier on, stretch marks are caused by rapid skin growth which the dermis layer fibers can’t keep up with. What’s more, these marks can also be formed by other factors. Your diet. Ya! This is another factor that can cause stretch marks. Diet is the primary contributor to a smooth and healthy skin.

A proper diet pumps your body with the essential vitamins which aid your body with the raw materials to maintain that elasticity and healthiness.

  • Do you smoke? Ummm.. that “revitalizing” puff will affect your skin. Besides other health effects of smoking, it is known to cause premature skin aging, delayed wound healing, and increased infections, as well as other skin disorders.



  • Another situation associated with the formation of stretch marks is Pregnancy which is among the primary causes of stretch marks in women. If you recall my earlier point about rapid growth, that’s due to women belly’s rapid protrusion and weight gain.
  • These two occurrences overwhelm the dermis layer hence the appearance of the stretch marks. Obesity is also a factor due to body increase in size. Heredity in stretch marks can also be a contributing factor because we inherit skin types from our parents.


  • Some of us have dry skin other oily skin. The two types can determine whether you are prone to stretch marks or not. If your skin is oily, it has more elasticity than the latter. The flexibility helps in keeping the skin flexible to any unexpected changes. On the other hand, the dry skin incapability to stretch makes it vulnerable to skin changes. Lack of elasticity will leave the marks in case of any skin change.


Now, with all the info in mind, the fact remains stretch marks are painless and not life threatening at all. On the other hand, as I pointed out, we are in the age of self-awareness craze. You and I agree on that. They might be a norm, but truth be told they can be embarrassing and unsightly.

Why? Because we all know it’s not a natural look and there is a solution to this condition.

Many solutions are out there, for example, laser treatment which is quite costly to most of us.  Beauty shouldn’t cost millions.  In fact, my most preferred solution is;

Eat lots and lots of vegetables, keep yourself hydrated always and detox as often as possible.


Life’s too short… Be beautiful. Look well. Feel well. Be well.




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