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Detoxifying is one of the best ways to get rid of toxins in our bodies, which cause fatigue and stress. A worn out body is an obstacle in every aspect of your life. Be it doing business, working out, parenting; you name it if you are bedridden, your life comes to a halt.  We all need a fully functioning body to keep up with the demanding life’s tasks.



Why is it important?  Doing a detox re-energizes your whole body, you become more focused and alert. For your body to function optimally, the organs must be regularly cleaned to replenish them. We live a hectic life you and I included.  We reward ourselves in the most wayward ways in the name of having “fun.”

While having fun, our bodies become the victims of all sorts of abuse, ranging from excessive alcohol consumption, junk foods and lack of enough sleep.

Our bodies are built to excrete toxins from our bodies naturally. However, the system is overwhelmed by our lifestyles. A detox previously would be recommended by a doctor to treat an alcoholic or other problems. I have friends who regularly go for health checkups after feeling unwell only to be told they are not sick but suffering from fatigue, lack of important nutrients and fitness.

I know you, yes you reading this blog at some point in life, you have encountered those moments when you feel completely out of energy and in a foul mood. This has been one of my worst nightmares.

You know it’s strange how you feel tired without having done anything. Our bodies send signals of something is not right, but we never take heed at all.

Accumulation of toxins in our system come with a myriad of problems. These problems lower our quality of life and affect our productivity exponentially.

We have stacks of bills to pay, family to look after and businesses to run. Believe you me the functionalities of all these tasks depend on how to fit our bodies are. I don’t know why our health becomes a priority only when things get out of hand. If you sit down and think about it, you’d be astounded by the impact good or bad health has on our lives.

Before I decided to blog about health and wellness, my life and health were on a downward spiral. I was so scared because if you are a keen follower and a reader of health journals, you know chronic diseases symptoms are mild and can be ignored until it’s too late. Majority of chronic diseases which we suffer from are all preventable.  Doing changes in your life is difficult and takes time, will and discipline are not everyone’s cup of tea. I agree with this!

We are all victims of indiscipline and procrastination. My wake-up call made me push myself and restructure my lifestyle. You know I didn’t realize one could feel happy and full of energy the whole day.

As am writing this blog am crisscrossing my legs in bed feeling good. I want to feel like this forever. My dear friend, I didn’t use millions to make my body function optimally, NO! I prioritized my health after continually reminding myself that my health is Primary and everything else is secondary.

 I don’t have a life after this, and neither do you. So, my dear, you have to make some changes or else you’ll regret later.

Am not a good cook, but God bless the internet you can Google health recipes and quality supplements to accompany your meals for an all rounded healthy diet. Very simple indeed.

You don’t want to wait until your body breaks down when it can’t take it anymore. You may say well am not sick, am feeling ok, but until you discover the other side of the best feeling you never knew existed, you’ll think you are all fine.

I would implore you to prioritize your health because the consequences are dire.

My recommendation.

The supplements on my blog are the ones I  use which have done wonders, and I make sure I never go out of stock because detoxing should be as regular as possible. However, I strongly recommend exercising which is a natural way of making your body fit.

Learn to cook healthy meals which are all over the internet. While our bodies are not defenseless against toxins, then you should wonder why folks are flooding the hospitals complaining of fatigue, stress, constipation, skin allergies to mention but a few. Following some routines amid life hustles can be daunting, and I concur. But the alternative is unbearable believe you and me. Our brains are designed to learn what we teach them to do. Take baby steps towards this, and slowly it’ll become a routine, and before you know it, you’ll be living the most rewarding life and wondering how you were living before.

Remember, Your Health Comes First!


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