Back in 2015 after a long day, bone tired and feeling down, unhappy, out of energy, I decided to research on this recurring problem. ( I don’t believe in hospitals very much) So, I took my laptop and searched my feelings to understand why my life was so unfulfilling. I scavenged through scientific articles and well-researched blog post. It was a double blessing and remedy to my misery. I won’t bore you with the details, but the simple questions were, did I like what I was doing? The other was, what was I eating? these two “departments” were the root cause of my troubles. and Baaam! I found the solutions.

Sometimes bloggers don’t know the impact their blog posts have on readers.

I was so inspired I emailed to the bloggers thanking them for their helpful posts. Nothing is fulfilling as getting an email from someone you don’t even know telling you how you changed their lives. I may not know you and you either, but believe you me the world nowadays is a global community (God bless the internet).

From that day I decided I will start a blog and Research on Health and Fitness.


This is the most problematic issue in our communities and family. I know you can bear me witness on this. After all is said and done, it falls back to your health. our lifestyles are overwhelming, and it’s understandable when our health priorities become Secondary.

We all need constant reminders and inspiration. That’s why I ordained myself to be a Health and Fitness “Evangelist” because am a beneficiary of the Health “Gospel” from other online Crusaders. Health and Fitness Domain is so vast and riddled with critical issues which need to be addressed and shared far and wide.

You don’t have to be a professional in the area you love blogging about, you just need inspiration, passion, and honesty. My real profession is Business Information Technology. I shelved my job and since then, am happily blogging and in top Shape of my life and doing what I love most.

I don’t need hours or days researching on what to blog about. The topics are all around me. The health problems you and I might have, are replicated across the globe. Those are the problems I want to find solutions for.  I don’t care about Google rankings ( I Swear I Don’t) I will research on health problems facing the community which I know is replicated somewhere in the world and share the health products and information which impacted my life and I know can have an influence on yours too.


I will not have popups on my blog begging for emails, No thanks! I want when you visit my blog you get the info you want to be served in the simplest way possible for your digestion and action. However, I will leave an email option somewhere just in case you want me to research on a certain topic or have an opinion. Am here full time!

My Question is, Are you healthy and happy? Weeeel, Follow me along and I believe you will find something you didn’t know which will impact your life positively. Remember Your Health Comes First coz it’s the groundwork of all happiness and productivity!!